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The Synergy™  Industrial Pretreat Module is designed for high volume digital decorators and connects directly to the FireFly™ curing system, allowing for rapid evaporation of pretreat solution and a quick turn around to the digital output device.  The flow of the operation continues with reverse transport of the garment back to the original operator.  Complete multi-variate control of each garment.


Configured to spray two different pretreat solutions, and to mix them from concentrated form, the Synergy system is a large scale solution to a production bottle neck.  Simple to operate and easy to clean, this unit features software scheduled maintenance of the nozzle heads with built in flow sensors.


The transport belt is an integral part of the system.  This allows for the transfer of the garment from the Synergy system directly into the FireFly curing unit.  One continual flow that is all monitored together by the Linx™ Software Integration tool.