synergy central source

Pumping system for super-users of the Synergy Pretreat System

standard features

  • Automatic mixing from concentrate
  • Handles 2 different pretreat solutions
  • Accommodates multiple Synergy systems
  • Mix ratios are user defined
  • Mixes up to 3 gallons at a time
  • Low maintenance
  • Connects to 55 gallon drums

downloads and links

Central Source
synergy central source
Control screen
central source controls
Pretreat storage
synergy central source

The Synergy system is available with a standard lower cabinet. This unit is non-mixing and processes 2 different pretreat solutions from either jugs stored within the cabinet or external 55 gallon drums. The lower cabinet is perfect for smaller shops as it does not need additional floor space and the refillable jugs notify the user when pretreat is low.

For large scale print on demand production departments, a Central Source is an excellent addition. It can pull directly from 55 gallon drum concentrates of 2 different pretreat solutions. These concentrates are mixed within the Central Source and are fed to the Synergy pretreat system. One Central Source will feed many production lines, required minimal maintenance and is driven by its own Linx software module.

Synergy Central Source SY-CAB
Number of pretreat solutions 2
Number of serviceable Synergy machines 10
Power requirements 120VAC, 12A
Overall Dimensions 36" x 91" x 54"

linx synergy module

Synergy control software

The Synergy comes equipped with a module of Linx Control Integration. It can run independent or pull orders directly from your web store.

synergy central source

synergy pretreat system

Professional, industrial, consistent pretreat system that combine with the FireFly for full system print-on-demand production.