DragonAir Core Technology

the solution to DTG curing

Core Features  

  • Recirculating air flow
  • Air flow is filtered of contaniments
  • Water vapor is exhausted out of the system
  • Exterior skin is cool
  • Heated internal air
  • Easy maintenance


core technology 

Fire Core
dragonair core
Griffin Core
dragonair core
Crimson Core
dragonair core

All 3 DragonAir dryer models are equipped with DragonAir Core Technology.  The air within the oven chamber is held at a precise temperature for curing DTG inks.  This air is filtered and recirculated within the system.  The external walls of the DragonAir is cool to the touch, thus keeping the production environment cooler while maintaining cur.  The air speed for recirculation is variable with easy controls at the operators fingertips.  This allow for quick changes for different garments moving through the system.                

The DragonAir also includes an inline IR heat bump.  This brings the garment quickly to curing speed to allow for more garments in the chamber.  This bump is controlled separately from the rest of the heat within the chamber.  This allows for rapid changes for different garments.  The main cal-rod heat within the chamber is either LED digital or touch screen controlled for ±7°F accuracy.      


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