engineered for dtg curing

Crimson features

  • 30" DragonAir Core Technology
  • Instant response, adjustable IR heat bump
  • Calrod heaters warranted for 7 years
  • Digital temperature control
  • Heater indicator lights
  • Variable belt speed
  • Variable air flow
  • Accepts exhaust duct connection if desired
  • Heavy duty casters
  • Fits through a standard door for easy install
  • Baffle doors to contain heat within the chamber
  • Expandable heat sections, doubling production

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dragonair crimson
DragonAir Core
dragonair core
DAC-2406 Controls
dragonair controls

The DragonAir Crimson is engineered specifically for the small digital printer. This is not a screen print oven with some extra air. This unit features DragonAir Core Technology scaled to fit small spaces. Features such as a variable infrared front end heat bump and variable speed air are just part of the design that sets this oven apart. While this unit is designed to maintain internal air temperature to cure DTG ink or pretreat, the external skin on the unit remains cool to the touch.

Combine the DTG specifications with the Brown standard of design and this is one solid machine built for industrial use. Calrod elements provide the main heat in the unit and these are warranted for 7 years. Heavy-duty drive train and body construction provide long term durability and reliability. Digital temperature controls provide internal consistency of ±7°F while the heater indicator light give full information to the operator.

The unit is expandable. Additional heat sections, which host their own controls, can be added. An additional section will double production rate with only a 32" addition.  Each of the heat boxes requires simple 208V, 30A connection and the Crimson offers an exhaust box for external venting when desired.

DragonAir Crimson DAG-2406 DAG-2409
Belt Width 24 24
Belt Length 6' 9'
Infeed 22.5" 22.5"
Exit 22.5" 22.5"
Bump length 4" 4"
Power requirements 208VAC, 32A, 1Ø 208VAC, 32A (x2), 1Ø
Overall Dimensions 35" x 75" x 50" 35" x 105" x 50"

dragonair griffin

dragonair griffin series

For the larger DTG production house, the Griffin offers all the features of the Crimson with a 48" belt and TRX touchscreen controls.

dragonair fire

dragonair fire series

For the midsize DTG production house, the Fire offers the features of the Crimson with a 36" belt and TRX touchscreen controls.