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dragonair fire
Fire Core
dragonair core
Fire Controls
trx controls

The DragonAir Fire is designed to fit the needs of the mid-sized direct to garment printer. Using DragonAir Core Technology, the Fire captures and scrubs heated air and maintains internal temperatures while keeping a cool outer skin. The built in touchscreen provides quick changes to 18 different product profiles and immediate access to oven settings and maintenance tasks.

Standard Brown construction promises heavy-duty drive trains with crowned rollers for perfect belt tracking. An easily visible indicator light system and adjustable calrod heaters keep the operator in full control of production. The belt speed is variable from 00:01 seconds to 99:99 minutes for complete flexibility for either DTG ink or pretreat. Variable air flow is adjusted within the profiles of the touchscreen controls, allowing for flexibility of ink and pretreat types.

Perfect for pairing with 2 or 3 DTG machines, the DragonAir Fire provides solid performance on a variety of goods. With the rapid response of the TRX control system, this machine is a great choice for the DTG department of a garment decorating shop.

DragonAir Fire DAF-3611
Belt Width 36"
Belt Length 11'
Infeed 30"
Exit 30""
Bump length 8"
Power requirements 208VAC, 80A, 1Ø  or  240VAC, 50A, 3Ø
Overall Dimensions 57" x 138" x 68"
Dragonair Griffin

dragonair griffin

For the larger DTG production house, the Griffin offers all the features of the Crimson with a 48" belt and TRX touchscreen controls.


dragonair Crimson

The DragonAir Crimson is engineered specifically for the small digital printer. All the features needed in a small package.