synergy pretreat system

Combined with the Firefly for high volume production

Synergy features

  • Synergy Linx controls module
  • Single operator
  • Single nozzle for consistent coverage
  • Quick attach nozzles
  • Adjustable Spray area 3" -24"
  • Multiple spray zones
  • 2 pretreat solutions through 2 sets of nozzles
  • Flow sensors
  • Auto transport to FireFly cure
  • Manual and queue modes
  • Projection visual verification system
  • Auto maintenance procedures
  • Full system water flush
  • Automatic maintenance procedures
  • Touchscreen and scanner controlled


synergy pretreat system
Synergy Linx Module
linx control suite
synergy pretreat system

The Synergy industrial pretreat machine provides complete multi-variate control of each garment. The system is designed for high volume digital printers and connects directly to the FireFly curing system, allowing for rapid evacuation of pretreat solution and delivery to the DTG printer..

Configured to spray two different pretreat solutions, and with the Central Source, to mix the solutions from concentrated form, the Synergy system is a large scale solution to a production bottle neck. Simple to operate and easy to clean, this unit features software scheduled maintenance of the nozzle and valves with built in flow sensors.

The transport belt is an integral part of the system. This allows for the movement of the garment from the Synergy system directly into the FireFly curing oven. One continual flow that is monitored together by the Linx software integration tool.

Synergy SY-36x84 SY-36x84CS
Belt Width 36" 36"
Length of chassis 75" 75"
Length of transfer system 95" 95"
Number of pretreat solutions applied 2 2
Nozzle count 6 6
Spray area 3" - 24" 3" - 24"
Spray zone widths 6", 12", 18" 6", 12", 18"
Cabinet style Under belt included Requires the Central Source
Mixing from Pretreat concentrate No Yes
Overall Dimensions 62" x 170" x 96" 62" x 170" x 96" plus Central Source

linx software

Synergy control software

The Synergy comes equipped with a module of Linx Control Integration. It can run independent or pull orders directly from your web store.

synergy central source

synergy Central Source

For DTG super users, a larger pretreat pumping source is recommended. This unit connects directly with the Synergy.